Content Philosophy

“Excellence in Craft” is our motto, and we strive to embody that with every project we take on. We don’t just make videos, we tell the deep and intricate stories of the eSports world, finding the underlying themes present in each match, tournament, and training session.

We recognize that behind the 1’s and the 0’s, behind the button presses and the mouse motions, there lies a deeper significance. There are life lessons to be learned from the hours of training, there is excitement to be had in the tense end game moments, and there is a beauty to behold behind the split second decisions.

Rather than rely on pretty camera work and fast editing alone, Vectorworks Media strives to highlight what happens inside the minds of those passionate about eSports, and to tell the stories, that few people even know are happening.

To do this we focus on three things: Our people, our stories, and our challenges.

First, we learn all we can about the people we film, weather it’s Daigo Umehara, and his dual personality, or Snake Eyez and the depths of the mind games he plays. Even when our subject isn’t a person, like the emotions present at EVO for example, we treat it as one. Instead of thinking of it as a collection of people and feelings, we treat it as one large organism, interconnected and pulsing with life. This perspective allows us to find the human characteristics, and relatable moments, even in the most abstract of ideas, and create compelling and meaningful work.

Second, we find what lays at the core of the stories we tell. For example, while some may see a team of  Overwatch competitors simply trying to win a tournament, we see six individuals attempting to let go of themselves, and work as a cohesive whole, in perfect synchronicity with one another. The difference, is that one perspective tells a story that looses meaning after the tournament ends, while the other sheds light on the larger life lesson of community and teamwork. The latter isn’t confined by the setting, but rather its meaning and its lesson is applicable to all walks of life.

Finally, we don’t shy away from our challenges, we embrace them. In eSports, most of the action happens digitally, and mentally, which makes it incredibly difficult to convey visually. However, we see this not as a problem, but an opportunity to push the boundaries of filmmaking, and tell stories that would have been impossible to tell just a few years ago. Film has been evolving for the past century, and while some may think it has reached its apex, we know that the real possibilities have only just begun to reveal themselves.

Excellence in craft. This is why Vectorworks Media exists, and it is where we start, and where we end, every time.

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